Tokmanni-Europris Global Buying Operation Expands Partnership with TradeBeyond, Further Boosting Supply Chain Efficiency and Transparency


Finnish discount retail chain Tokmanni and its Norwegian counterpart Europris are touting significant advancements in their supply chain management and sustainability initiatives through their ongoing partnership with TradeBeyond

Before implementing TradeBeyond’s leading multi-enterprise platform in 2021, Tokmanni-Europris managed its vast array of private brand products using manual processes, spreadsheets, and emails. Recognizing the need for digitalization to enhance tracking, tracing, and low unit costs, the companies turned to TradeBeyond to modernize and streamline its supply chain operations. 

Having greatly benefited from its phase 1 implementation of TradeBeyond, Tokmanni-Europris is now taking advantage of the platform’s expanded capabilities, leveraging TradeBeyond’s real-time integrations with quality partners SGS and Bureau Veritas and amfori BSCI social sustainability database. These integrations provide Tokmanni-Europris with digital data directly from quality partners and certified audit reports transferred digitally to their systems in real-time, ensuring all supplier partners are certified and compliant with the rigorous standards that consumers increasingly expect from retailers.

“When we first chose TradeBeyond three years ago, the extensibility of its solutions was key; we needed a platform that we could continue to grow and improve our operations with over time,” said SzeWan Cheng, Managing Director at Tokmanni-Europris Buying Office. “By centralizing critical ESG information, these new integrations have further empowered us to maintain the highest standards of quality and social responsibility across our supply chain, reinforcing our commitment to our customers and social sustainability. We are delighted to continue on this journey of supply chain optimization with TradeBeyond, and will continue to leverage their latest innovations.”

These recent enhancements have enabled Tokmanni-Europris’s sourcing operations to increase its On Time In Full (OTIF) performance, a key indicator of supply chain efficiency and accuracy. This improvement underscores Tokmanni-Europris’s dedication to delivering high-quality products at discounted prices, improving delivery performance, and supply chain efficiency.

TradeBeyond is committed to continuously working with our partners to add value and improvements to our system,” said TradeBeyond CEO Michael Hung. “Our integrations with SGS, Bureau Veritas, amfori BSCI, and others exemplify our dedication to continuous innovation and helping retail brands like Tokmanni-Europris adopt best practices and stay ahead in a competitive market.” 

Tokmanni-Europris’s ongoing partnership with TradeBeyond and its continuous implementation of its new supply chain functionalities and capabilities serve as a model for other retailers aiming to enhance supply chain efficiency and sustainability, demonstrating the potential for technology to enforce higher standards of responsible sourcing cost-effectively. For further information about how TradeBeyond is revolutionizing retail supply chain management, visit