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The evolution of sales: From products to partnerships

Paving the way: the benefits of PBS vehicles

Dormant malware – beware the lurking threat to your data

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Tata Motors launches its Ultra range of new-generation, smart trucks in South Africa

Tata Motors, India’s leading multinational automobile manufacturer, today along with its authorised distributor, Tata Africa Holdings Limited, announced the commercial launch of its successful range of multipurpose heavy-duty trucks – Ultra T.9 and Ultra T.14, in South Africa. Designed to fulfil the rising need for safer, smarter and greener cargo mobility, the Ultra is perfectly […]

Fanta® Unveils Apple Pie as the Mystery Flavour in South Africa’s #WhatTheFanta Campaign

The wait is over! Fanta in South Africa reveals Apple Pie as the much-anticipated mystery flavour of the #WhatTheFanta campaign 2023, leaving everyone surprised and excited. After months of exhilarating guesswork, adventurous sip-testing, and endless fun, we finally unveil the mysterious limited-edition flavour – an unanticipated yet delightful Apple Pie. This distinctive flavour combines scrumptious […]

As fuel prices increase – what it means for South Africans from a road freight logistics perspective

How to Implement AI Ethically in Business Solutions

Kimberly-Clark, Energy Partners sign PPA for one of Cape Town’s largest rooftop solar systems

7 Reasons to get your news from AI

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2024 Supply Chain Outlook Navigating the Future with Resilience and Innovation

The supply chain industry finds itself at a crucial juncture, marked by a blend of technological innovation, shifting consumer behaviours, and the continued pursuit of resilience and sustainability in 2024. The lingering effects of global events in recent years have introduced new challenges and opportunities which require a multi-faceted approach from industry role players to […]

The Move of Banks to Platforms

Rent or buy: that is the new Material Handling Equipment question

Tackling the Kubernetes Skills Gap and Optimising Legacy Modernisation Efforts

SONA promises are not enough

Extended notice periods – are they enforceable?

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Vehicle crime ramps up towards the end of the year

4-star hotel development nears completion in Limpopo 

Retail is in the midst of the biggest technology paradigm shift yet: Insights from NRF 2024 New York 

Gen-X is Getting News from AI: Should You?


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