Saturday, July 02, 2022


Climate-proof roads

The vulnerability of South Africa’s primary road network to severe flooding and climate change-related incidents has been thrust into the public domain in recent months. The devastating floods in KwaZulu-Natal not only contributed to the unfortunate deaths of more than 450 people but also caused immeasurable damage to vital transport infrastructure. This should raise concerns […]


Ctrack launches Crystal, a game-changer in Online Business Fleet Data reporting

Ctrack has 35 years experience in vehicle tracking and fleet management, and during that time, they have developed a variety of innovative solutions for efficient fleet and asset management services. Ctrack is now taking its product offering to new heights by launching its brand new data management solution. Ctrack Crystal is a fully customisable platform that combines […]

Labour Broker or Temporary Employment Services – the evolution of labour on demand

While labour brokers have come under heavy scrutiny over the years leading to the sector being strictly regulated, this has resulted in greater protection for workers under temporary employment services. These compliance requirements have resulted in an evolution of the industry, to the point where the term ‘labour broker’ has become insufficient to describe the […]



Masslift Africa reached a significant milestone in its pursuit of developing a qualified and competent South African forklift workforce after recently obtaining accreditation as a skills development provider from MerSETA. MerSETA – the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority – approved Masslift Africa’s application in March 2022 following a detailed vetting and […]

Heat exchangers provide a winning recipe for food and beverage processing

The food and beverage sector is today a highly competitive environment, where manufacturers are under increasing pressure to produce good quality yet well-priced food, as safely as possible and with minimal environmental impact. Based on these requirements, the use of heat exchangers within this industry – from dairies to breweries – has grown, explains Roy Naidoo, […]

Ransomware is rising in Kenya – is your Office 365 data secure?

Office 365 (O365) is one of the most widely used tools for productivity and collaboration and is an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes in Kenya. Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions like O365 offer businesses many benefits, including cost effectiveness, flexibility and consumption on demand, as well as increased availability. However, availability […]

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