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About Us
Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Supply Network Africa is an established supply chain management publication that researches and reports on the latest supply chain techniques, product development, management strategies and technologies. It is an independent voice for the supply chain industry in Africa, and is endorsed by South Africa’s top quality companies. We feature exclusive industry reports and surveys, to in depth news, views and analysis on supply chain development/projects, issues and latest technology. Supply Network Africa focuses on creating a networking publication for the decision makers in business across Africa’s supply chain industry. We inform, educate and create business and networking opportunities for all companies that are interested in expanding their business across South Africa and beyond. 

Supply Network Africa is a bi-monthly magazine specifically for the supply chain industry, its value lies in the independent analysis of what information means to the market from people who understand the industry.

 The magazine differentiates itself from others by providing readers added value in the form of timely, perceptive and job useful content.