MICHELIN Connected Fleet lends its voice to the CILTA Safety and Security Summit


MICHELIN Connected Fleet has once again demonstrated its support towards strengthening South Africa’s transport and logistics sector by sponsoring the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILTA) Safety and Security summit. The theme of the summit was Navigating Safety and Security Risks in Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain.

The event brought together leading local and international organisations in the industry who shared their views on how the public and private sector can viably improve safety and security on our trade routes.

In South Africa, where over 80% of goods are transported via road, the logistics sector can be described as the ‘blood network’ of the country. Gideon Joubert, head of security projects at Sakeliga said “the erosion and degradation of South Africa’s road infrastructure is a visible and pressing issue while the attacks and hijacking of trucks costs the economy billions of rands in losses.”

A critical point made at the summit was that violent crime in the freight industry reaches far beyond industry players and a robust and coordinated effort is required.

National operations manager at the ITA Services Group, Marthin Bekker Fick, added that there are several factors which limit transporters from investing in fit-for-purpose security solutions for the fleets. These include a lack of interest, a lack of knowledge, a fear of what security solutions costs and a lack of training.

“I have come across fleet companies who are still using telematics systems from 10 years ago – that is crazy because technology keeps evolving and operators need to keep up. For example, telematics systems can now tell when a driver is drowsy, he doesn’t even have to yawn. The cameras can pick up certain facial cues and alert the control room.

“Certain systems can monitor trucks transporting precious cargo that cannot tilt past a certain degree. Once that cargo arrives at a client, that client can check the truck’s movement data on a tablet to see whether the integrity of the cargo has been compromised.”

The jam-packed agenda included speeches and panel discussions with relevant topics including public safety and criminal justice in South Africa, reducing warehouse stock losses through risk management and the latest regulations and developments in transport and facility security.

MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s South Africa country manager, Shivani Pillay, emphasized the pivotal role of advanced fleet management in ensuring safety and security in the transport and logistics sector. “Gone are the days when fleet management was merely about technology; it’s now a cornerstone of operational excellence.

“That is why we have been hard at work to change the mindsets of transporters in South Africa. Our approach as MICHELIN Connected Fleet is to understand the markets we operate in and partner with transporters to build bespoke solutions that address their needs.”

Fleet operators who invest in the correct tyres and advanced fleet solutions can ensure the safety of drivers and the security of goods while increasing productivity as well.

What was evident from the summit is that while crime statistics continue to rise in the country, many organisations are willing and able to fill the security vacuum in a cost-effective way that meets public interest.