WACO Modular attains ISO 14001 certification for green excellence


WACO Modular is excited to announce its certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, a recognised measure for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). This certification highlights WACO Modular’s unwavering dedication to conscious and sustainable business practices.

The ISO 14001 standard offers a framework for organisations to establish and implement environmental management systems that address their environmental footprints and adhere to legal mandates. With more than 360 000 ISO 14001 certificates issued worldwide, it stands as the widely embraced EMS standard internationally.

Championing sustainability at WACO Modular

“Our firm commitment to stewardship is our priority and obtaining the ISO 14001 certification solidifies this dedication. We are believers in surpassing industry norms to make a difference in the environment,” states Gerhard Britz, Managing Director of WACO Modular. “This certification marks not only a milestone for us but also an integral component of our strategy aimed at bolstering credibility and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations while building trust with our stakeholders.”

The journey towards achieving the ISO 14001 certification at WACO Modular aligns seamlessly with the company’s pledge, to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. In line with the WACO Group’s sustainability initiatives, WACO Modular has already been diligently overseeing environmental factors like diesel, water and electricity consumption to strive for ongoing enhancements.

Expanding on a solid foundation

WACO Modular’s array of certifications already includes ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 45001 for health and safety. The addition of the ISO 14001 certification is seen as the next logical move by Karen Olivier, Business Manager at WACO Modular. She explains, “Integrating ISO 14001 alongside our certifications was a progression that has not only bolstered our environmental management practices but also improved operational efficiencies while creating new market avenues, particularly those with stringent environmental criteria.”

Impacts and advantages for customers and stakeholders

Clients and stakeholders associated with WACO Modular are poised to reap benefits from this certification. Britz adds, “Our clients can now have confidence in partnering with a company that aims to reduce environmental footprints – a crucial consideration in today’s landscape where ESG ratings and sustainable supply chain principles hold significant weight.”

WACO Modular’s commitment to shared values reverberates across the supply chain – from suppliers to clients, along with their respective stakeholders such as investors and financial institutions. Olivier emphasised that their ISO 14001 certification guarantees the upholding and promotion of these shared values.

Path to adherence

Meeting the standards of ISO 14001 required a stringent plan and process. Training sessions for WACO Modular’s SHEQ officer was a priority as well as conducting an in-depth gap analysis and putting environmental controls in place.

Olivier elaborates, “We ensured adherence to aspects such as water usage, electricity consumption, appropriate gas utilisation for air conditioning and recycling procedures. The entire journey was backed by training programmes and external assessments to guarantee compliance with the criteria of ISO 14001.”

Dedication to ‘Enabling a better tomorrow, every day!’

This accomplishment resonates with the core purpose of the WACO Group ‘Enabling a better tomorrow, every day’, which goes beyond just focusing on environmental sustainability. Britz emphasises, “It’s not about meeting a standard; it’s about embracing a comprehensive sustainability approach that benefits our staff, our customers and the communities we serve.”