Visitors to NAMPO Score Big with Rugby Star Kwagga Smith at Husqvarna Stand


On Thursday, 15 May 2024, over 25,000 people passed through the gates of NAMPO, an increase of more than 8,000 compared to Day One. Was it the appeal of meeting rugby star Kwagga Smith at the Husqvarna stand that drew so many people? “We will never know,” says Timothy Isabirye, Marketing Manager. “What I can say for sure is that Kwagga added undeniable magic on Thursday. Visitors to our stand were beyond excited, making the day truly unforgettable.”

Kwagga Smith, known for his versatility and work rate on the rugby field and deep-rooted connection to farming, brought a unique blend of star power and relatability to the Husqvarna stand. “It was so great to get a photo and signed rugby ball from Kwagga – he is one of my heroes,” said one young fan.

Whilst visitors were eager to delve into farming discussions, rugby talk dominated the conversations. Kwagga shared his insights and predictions with patience and authenticity. His easy laughter and genuine engagement won over every fan.

One delighted attendee remarked, “This is the most coveted rugby player – from trophies with the sevens rugby team to double World Cup winner. This signed ball is definitely going into my bar!”

Hailing from a farm near Lydenburg, Kwagga said that his affinity for Husqvarna products is practically in his DNA. His father instilled the value of quality and reliability early on, which aligns perfectly with Husqvarna’s reputation. Between his family farm and another he owns in Lydenburg, Kwagga cultivates maize, soy, pecans, and walnuts, with plans to expand his walnut plantation to 60 hectares.

Before leaving, Kwagga thanked Husqvarna for inviting him to the stand and said, “It was a pleasure interacting with the team, signing autographs, and meeting many people who also love the brand. The product range is impressive, and I’m looking forward to using more of the battery range.”

Husqvarna’s stand at NAMPO not only showcased their world-class products but also created memorable moments for countless fans, thanks to the charisma and warmth of Kwagga Smith.

“NAMPO 2024, as always, was a massive success. We loved connecting with our end-users who rely on our tools every day and look forward to next year!” concludes Isabirye.