Vecindapp and Infobip Revolutionise Residential Communication with Call Link Implementation in Property Complexes Digital Management


Infobip, global cloud communications platform, has announced a new success case with the integration of Call Link with Vecindapp, an innovative software in digitised property complexes management in Colombia, with a strong presence in residential complexes across the country, significantly contributing to the digital transformation of this sector.

Revolutionising Communication with Infobip’s Call Link

With the advent of Infobip’s Call Link, the software has redefined communication between residents and staff in property complexes, streamlining information exchange through mobile phones, ensuring strict user privacy, unparaelled convenience, and positively impacting operational cost by reducing installation, infrastructure, and maintenance expense.

Krešo Žmak, VP of Products at Infobip, said: “Call Link revolutionises live video and audio support, reflecting our unwavering commitment to a comprehensive video platform. Industry leaders like Vecindapp are showcasing innovative use cases, breaking barriers in technology access for the building services sector. Our dedication is clear: eliminate costs and enhance resident experiences through seamless integration.”

With Call Link, users interact remotely with their residential complexes, send requests via WhatsApp chatbot or SMS, and receive instant calls back from the reception staff, always ensuring that their personal data – phone numbers – are protected, without the risk of being viewed by other residents or staff members, a priority in communication digitisation processes, thanks to its integration via API.

Ease of Implementation and Savings

Infobip’s Call Link technology operates through Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), ensuring quick implementation and development, that can be configured via API or Portal where no technical effort is required.

Regarding costs, residential complexes and buildings achieve significant savings in installation, wiring, and maintenance as Vecindapp doesn’t require physical infrastructure. All that’s needed is a stable Wi-Fi connection and users’ mobile phones. Thus, with Infobip’s Call Link active in Vecindapp, the maintenance cost that typically occurs every 5 years reduces by 95%.

Sergio Ríos Giraldo, Co-Founder of Vecindapp, said: “Thanks to Infobip, we were able to address one of our constant needs requested by our clients without having to invest months in development and testing to validate the solution. Just a couple of configurations and the use of the channels that Infobip makes available to us were the key to serving our customers efficiently, securely, and without excessive costs.”

With Infobip’s Call Link, Vecindapp strengthens its mission to bring advanced technological solutions to the rapidly growing horizontal property sector in Colombia. This communication ease joins the list of practical solutions Vecindapp provides, including integrated visitor management, correspondence, document handling, QR code management portals, circular dissemination, virtual surveys, and resource control information. To know more about Vecindapp detailed customer case with Infobip’s Call Link product, click here: Vecindapp: 95% costs savings and secure reception-to-resident communications with an integrated Voice channel – Infobip

Krešo Žmak, VP of Products at Infobip,