Regent Business School alumnus wins Global Educator Awardat Ed Talk World Conference


Regent Business School alumnus Denagran Reddy, has been recognised as the Emerging Educator of the Year in the prestigious Ed Falcon Global Awards at the Ed Talk World Conference held on 22 and 23 February 2024 in New Delhi, India. Reddy’s achievement underscores the pivotal role Regent Business School plays in nurturing outstanding educators and shaping the future of academia. As one of approximately 20 recipients hailing from various parts of the world, Reddy stood out as a beacon of excellence in the field of education.

Dr Shahiem Patel, Dean of Regent Business School, emphasised Reddy’s embodiment of the institution’s ethos, stating, “Reddy’s success highlights the commitment of Regent Business School to incorporate innovation and creativity into teaching methods. Through staying up-to-date on global advancements and implementing best practices, our school ensures education remains relevant and engaging. Reddy’s achievement aligns with our mutual goal to foster a creative and collaborative environment, encouraging students to take on real-world challenges and contribute to meaningful projects with the potential to have a significant impact.”

Reddy’s journey into education began after obtaining his PGDip and MBA from Regent Business School, where he now serves as a guest lecturer. He credits Regent Business School, its dedicated staff, and management for providing him with the platform to thrive and for fostering numerous opportunities in his educational pursuit.

Reflecting on his journey, Reddy stated, “What started as a personal passion project quickly evolved into a profoundly gratifying experience, leading me to pursue a career in academia full-time. My effectiveness as an educator garnered recognition from various institutions including Regent Business School, ultimately solidifying my position as a key lecturer within the academic community.”

Expressing gratitude for the award and acknowledging Regent Business School’s role, Reddy remarked, “I am honoured just to be nominated for an award at the Ed Talk World Conference in New Delhi, so to emerge as the winner in my respective category was spectacular. It was my privilege to deliver a number of talks at the conference, and thereafter at various institutions, where I consistently acknowledge the pivotal role of Regent Business School in my academic and professional journey as well as in the South African educational landscape. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Regent Business School, its dedicated staff, and management for providing me with the platform to thrive and for facilitating numerous opportunities in my educational pursuit.”

Denagran Reddy’s recognition as Emerging Educator of the Year not only celebrates his individual achievement but also highlights Regent Business School’s commitment to fostering excellence in education and empowering its alumni to make a meaningful impact in the field. “As Regent Business School, we are proud and humbled to have facilitated the growth and development of Reddy from a curious student to an authority in his field. His achievements are testament to the careful attention that we pay to the individual success of each student,” commented Dr Shahiem Patel.

Regent Business School alumnus, Denegran Reddy was the recipient of the Global Educator Award award at the EdTalk World Conference held in New Delhi, India. Denegran Reddy (right) was presented with his award by Dr GV Rao (left), a Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India and Vice-President of the Indian Society of International Law.