Reduce the complexity of device management for your IoT operations with Trinity


The explosion of data from countless IoT devices can overwhelm businesses. But what if you could harness this data to optimise your operations?

In today’s data-driven world, African companies need an IoT device management solution that goes beyond just connecting devices.

This is where Trinity device management steps in. Our software acts as the digital glue, seamlessly integrating your various systems and scaling to your specific needs. Our easy-to-install software agent on each device acts as your eyes and ears, collecting valuable data like signal strength, GPS location, and battery life. This real-time information empowers you to make informed decisions and optimise your digital environment.

Making things proactive

Trinity’s MQTT agent unlocks a world of possibilities for your IoT devices. Designed for devices like Bluetooth temperature sensors, trackers, routers, mobile POS, etc, it efficiently collects and transmits data to our monitoring platforms. This agent also facilitates seamless machine-to-machine communication, allowing your devices to talk to each other. Plus, it integrates effortlessly with your existing MQTT broker.

Benefits of Trinity’s Agent-Empowered Devices:

  • Real-time insights: Gain valuable data on signal strength, GPS location, data transmission, and more.
  • Enhanced control: Manage your devices remotely through updates, commands, and event notifications.
  • Simplified device management: Our user-friendly platform provides a clear view of all your devices and their data.

Our software also makes IoT device management a much more proactive undertaking. Because users can access essential metrics as mentioned above, they can quickly identify where there is a problem.

Benefits of Built-in SIM Cards and Dual SIM Functionality

Many business especially in the media sphere use their IoT devices as internet sources. In the past, a company might use a 3G dongle to provide connectivity to their digital display boxes. However, Trinity devices have SIM cards built in that also feature an APN. This means a customer can easily see if that SIM card needs data to display content or run other services.

With Trinity’s dual SIM card devices, if there are any connectivity issues with signal strength, it will automatically roll over to any other mobile network operator partner that has better coverage.

Using our dual SIM IoT devices

  • Reliable Connectivity: These devices have built-in SIM cards with an APN. This simplifies setup and allows you to easily monitor data usage.
  • Always Connected: Dual SIM cards provide a backup option. If one network has weak signal, the device automatically switches to a stronger network from a different operator. This ensures your devices stay connected and operational.

Delivering IoT value

Our Connect platform acts as the central nervous system for your entire connected ecosystem. It ensures all your devices, whether it’s a network of display units scattered across locations or any other IoT device, are online and functioning optimally.  This remote access allows you to monitor and control them from a single, user-friendly platform.

But our solution goes beyond just connectivity. The platform also analyses the data collected from your devices, providing you with valuable insights. This empowers you to identify potential issues before they disrupt operations. For instance, if an IoT unit consistently experiences weak signal strength, you can analyse this through the platform, allowing you to optimise its placement for better reception.

Our solution manages much of this complex IoT ecosystem automatically, giving you peace of mind knowing your assets are running optimally. You can focus on your core business strategies while we ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your connected devices.

Key takeaways:

  • Trinity’s IoT devices allow for remote data collection and communication.
  • Our device management software provides a central hub for monitoring and controlling connected devices.
  • Trinity’s management system combines software and custom-built devices for effective IoT management.
  • Features like built-in SIM cards and dual SIM functionality on our devices improve device connectivity, management, and reliability.