PPC’s Enterprise Development Programme is building strong partnerships with community focused SMEs


As one of the leading providers of quality building materials in Southern Africa, PPC is not only committed to delivering on its promise or strength and quality through the product it manufacturers, but also through the partnerships it nurtures with small businesses that share its commitment to community.

Recently, this commitment of strength through partnership was reiterated when PPC built on its long-standing partnership with Mathacs Civils, a community based brick-making business serving the people of Venda and surrounding areas. As part of PPC’s Enterprise Development Programme, the group provided Mathacs Civils with a state-of-the-art brickmaking machine valued at over R440 000. This brings the total number of brickmaking machines operated by Mathacs Civils to three, substantially increasing its production capacity.

Commenting on the partnership, Rajesh Harripersadh, General Manager at PPC Africa, said, “At PPC, we believe in investing in the present to create a better future for all. Our partnership with Mathacs Civils is a testament to this commitment. By providing them with the necessary tools and support, we are empowering the business to grow sustainably and contribute to the development of the communities it serves.”

The automated brickmaking machine is capable of producing around 12 000 bricks per day while maintaining the high levels of quality that Mathacs customers have come to expect from the product they purchase from the business. This addition of a high-tech automated brickmaker to the company’s production line will enable it to meet the steadily increasing demand for top quality building materials, and further augment Mathac’s steady growth, as evidenced by the recent opening of its second hardware branch in the village of Malavuwe.

PPC’s support for Mathacs Civils began in 2006 when the business owner, Mr. Azwinndini Mathaulula, first approached the cement manufacturer to supply him with the quality raw materials he needed to deliver on his commitment to manufacturing the highest quality bricks. In a relatively short space of time, and with PPC’s support and guidance, Mathacs grew quickly, going from a cash-based business to having a standing credit agreement with PPC for hundreds of thousands of rand. At that point, PPC partnered with Mathacs through its Enterprise Development Programme, providing the business with a silo valued at over R140 000 for the storage of raw materials and a 5 000-liter water tank.

Throughout the partnership, PPC has also provided ongoing technical training, advice, and support to ensure that Mathacs Civils’ bricks are of the highest possible quality, and align with PPC’s own brand promise of “Strength Beyond.”

And Mathacs is not the only small building material production business that PPC is helping to grow. “Through our Enterprise Development Programme, we have supported at least seven community-based brick producers, including Mathacs Civils, to expand their operations in recent years.” Harripersadh says, “thereby helping them to not only lay solid foundations for sustainable business growth but also increase the number of employment opportunities they create for local community members.”

This all-important job creation component is evident in the evolution of Mathacs over the years with PPC’s support. Prior to the provision of the brickmaking machine, Mathacs Civils employed 42 workers, 26 of whom are women. Harripersadh says PPC is confident that these numbers will increase exponentially in the coming months and years as the company continues to grow and support the needs of the people and communities it serves.

Harripersadh emphasises that PPC is fully committed to empowering small businesses, particularly those owned by women, in the South African construction and building products sectors through its Enterprise Development Programme. The company encourages all the businesses it supports to employ, train, and upskill women as an integral part of their workforce development efforts.

“The success achieved by Mathacs Civils is a reminder that building stronger local businesses is a valuable way to empower the community and enable people to experience a better quality of life,” he explains, “and we are very proud to partner with and support their customer and community commitments, including CSI initiatives like their recent involvement in a uniform drive for learners at a local school.”