Obsidian sponsors DevConf software developer conference.


Obsidian Systems, a supplier of open source software solutions and an Atlassian Platinum Partner, has announced that it will be sponsoring the upcoming DevConf community-driven software developer conference to take place in Cape Town on 23 May and Pretoria on 25 May.

The annual event provides professional software developers with access to the tools, practices, and principles applicable to tackling current and future challenges in the local software development environment. It is an event designed to provide delegates with opportunities to learn, network, and be inspired regardless of their specific technology stack and programming language of choice.

“The core principle of DevConf is to provide local software developers with the opportunity to network and learn in an enabling environment. We are excited to be involved in this event that stretches back to 2016 and has built up a proud legacy in the local and African software developer community,” says Muggie van Staden, MD of Obsidian Systems.

One of the talks which Obsidian will be hosting at both events is ‘DevOops, I did it again’. In the talk, the company will explore the five tenets of DevOps and how developers can use it not just for success at work but in their personal lives. Obsidian will discuss how people can use culture, lean methodology, automation, measurement, and sharing to build a safe culture. This entails delivering value to their co-workers and customers while becoming better people in the process.

Karl Fischer, technical consultant and CTO at Obsidian Systems, will be talking at the Pretoria event on remote team strategies that re-energise DevOps topologies and culture. He will explore some of the current remote work challenges and some of the ways to address these by creating more personal boundaries and ways to energise.

“We will look at some practical aspects, including team responsibilities and focus, team dependencies, effectively organising online team boundaries using online tools and how to define more meaningful team interaction strategies that reduce noise and allow people to energise and recover,” says Fischer.

Following the pandemic, this will be the second in-person DevConf taking place with delegates having access to a wealth of discussions that tackle the current and future challenges of the South African software development environment.

As sponsor of the events, Obsidian will also be doing five lucky draws per day at Cape Town and Pretoria. There will be R2,000 up for grabs to those who complete the DevSecOps Survey at each event as well as two draws for R500 by completing a Q&A and two draws for R500 at each of the mornings.

“This year promises to be a big one for DevConf given the shift in technology and how advanced technologies are providing developers with even more sophisticated tools to address real-world business problems in more innovative ways. This is where we as Atlassian Platinum Partner will also showcase product innovation and bespoke technology solutions for integrating your teams,” concludes van Staden.