Masslift Africa reached a significant milestone in its pursuit of developing a qualified and competent South African forklift workforce after recently obtaining accreditation as a skills development provider from MerSETA.

MerSETA – the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority – approved Masslift Africa’s application in March 2022 following a detailed vetting and screening process.

Obtaining accreditation as a skills development provider is the first step in Masslift Africa fulfilling its ambitious plans of establishing a fully accredited training centre for forklift technicians.

“This speaks directly to our apprentice and technician skills development programme addressing knowledge and skills gaps relevant to our specialised industry,” said Gordon Symons, Masslift Africa’s National Technical Training Manager. “The accreditation allows us to upskill our future technicians through our apprenticeship programme. Over the four-year programme, they are not only taught a trade, but they gain a deeper understanding of our products, and importantly our culture.”

The comprehensive application process included the requirement for Masslift Africa to demonstrate sustainability and establish a compliant facility equipped with the required tools and machinery. In addition, facilitators, assessors, and moderators must be registered practitioners. MerSETA also requires that Masslift Africa develop a good quality management system including foundational processes and procedures and develop related learning materials that meet the required outcomes.

As a result, Masslift Africa could implement an accredited internal workplace skills programme and award a qualification to its employees or external parties. Through the registered and formal skills programmes and qualifications, learners would gain credits promoting lifelong learning.

Customers will ultimately benefit from this development as they will now receive expert service from accredited Masslift technicians. Masslift Africa also intends to be TETA accredited, which would open the door for forklift operator training and certification. This would give Masslift Africa the advantage of supplying not only the rented equipment but also a service to ensure the operators are legally compliant.

“We take our commitment to empowering our employees seriously and, in doing so, we ensure customers receive the quality service they have come to expect from us,” said Shaun Collins, Masslift Africa’s Chief Operations Officer. “As an accredited skills development provider, Masslift Africa will provide access to high-quality training opportunities geared towards personal empowerment and professional advancement.”

Masslift Africa is in the process of applying for advanced training certifications, including workplace approval from merSETA, which would allow the organisation to recruit apprentices and employ them and fulfil the workplace exposure component of the apprenticeship.

We are also waiting for a formal audit from the National Artisan Moderation Body, which accredits us to conduct formal module trades training related to apprenticeships.”

Shaun Collins, Forklift Sales | 170 New & Used Forklifts for Sale | Get a Quote (‘s Chief Operations Officer.

Gordon Symons.

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