Heat exchangers provide a winning recipe for food and beverage processing


The food and beverage sector is today a highly competitive environment, where manufacturers are under increasing pressure to produce good quality yet well-priced food, as safely as possible and with minimal environmental impact.

Based on these requirements, the use of heat exchangers within this industry – from dairies to breweries – has grown, explains Roy Naidoo, Danfoss Climate Solutions sales director, Danfoss South Africa. “In fact, it could be said that these solutions are now considered to be an essential part of many food processing practices, such as dehydration, ultrahigh temperature processing (UTH), sterilisation, pasteurisation and more.

“Danfoss has in-depth process knowledge of the food, dairy, and beverage industries and the extensive experience needed to engineer hygienic, high-performance solutions, including our next-generation SONDEX® heat exchangers. For the food and beverage industry, this translates to food and drinks that are not only safe to consume, but also have a good shelf life,” he says.

Sondex A/S was founded in 1984 to provide customers with optimised, energy efficient plate heat exchanger solutions. The company, rooted in Denmark, became a leading manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, joining forces with Danfoss in July 2016, when Danfoss acquired full ownership of Sondex. This step marked the merger of two strong players, creating an even more powerful and agile heat exchanger partner.

In 2018, Sondex became SONDEX® – a quality heat exchanger brand of Danfoss. Customers can now benefit from one-stop shopping and the powerful infrastructure of Danfoss, as well as the heat transfer expertise of SONDEX®.

Naidoo explains: “Developing optimised solutions is a core value of the SONDEX design philosophy and we have used our deep process knowledge and input from customers to create an exceptional plate portfolio.

“With a number of plate varieties available, in fact one of the largest portfolios in the world, Danfoss ensures that we can better configure our heat exchangers to match the exact requirements of customers’ application.  We deliver a powerful solution that provides reliable, unmatched heat transfer, while lowering the energy consumption of connected systems.”

Roy Naidoo, Danfoss Climate Solutions sales director, Danfoss South Africa.

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