JC Auditors (JCA) marks 15-year anniversary by giving back to South African transport sector.


JC Auditors (JCA), a trusted name in international certifications, is celebrating its remarkable 15-year journey by introducing a series of impactful initiatives aimed at fostering safety, compliance, and efficiency within the South African Supply Chain. As a testament to their commitment to the industry, the JCA team is launching initiatives based on industry demand that address the pressing challenges faced by the transport sector, particularly the distressingly high accident rate on the roads.

With a profound understanding of the South African road transport landscape, JCA offers a comprehensive set of initiatives that are poised to create a positive and lasting impact on road safety, compliance, and operational effectiveness. The JCA team is optimistic that these initiatives will contribute significantly to a safer and more efficient transport sector.

“We are proud to mark our 15-year anniversary by launching initiatives that align with our core values of integrity, responsibility, and excellence,” says Oliver Naidoo, Managing Director at JC Auditors. “These initiatives are a testament to our team’s dedication to making a meaningful contribution to road safety and operational efficiency within the South African transport sector.”

The initiatives introduced by JCA include:

  • Free RTMS self-assessments: JCA is offering free RTMS (Road Transport Management System) self-assessments to companies within the transport sector. This initiative empowers businesses to identify key areas for improvement in their operations, leading to enhanced safety and compliance.
  • Complimentary RTMS audits: Over the next 15 months, JCA will conduct 15 complimentary RTMS audits for select transport companies. These cost-free audits will include all stages of the RTMS certification process, and the recipients will be announced on the 15th of each month from September 2023.
  • Online defensive driver training for heavy vehicles: JCA is introducing on-demand defensive driver training tailored for heavy vehicle drivers. This training aims to equip drivers with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate roads safely and responsibly.
  • E-Learning programme for defensive driving of light motor vehicles: JCA’s e-learning program focuses on defensive driving techniques for light motor vehicles. This initiative is designed to improve the safety of all drivers on the road, ultimately contributing to a reduction in accidents. It is especially applicable to companies that employ staff who use light motor vehicles for company business such as sales representatives or technicians.
  • “Preparing for AARTO” Webinar: JCA will host webinars focused on preparing the transport sector for the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act. This initiative aims to educate industry stakeholders about the upcoming changes and their implications. Whilst we await promulgation of the Amended Act and regulations, this webinar will focus on the AARTO framework and equips fleet managers on how to prepare their operation teams. The first webinar is schedule for 6 September 2023.

“How to Achieve ISO Certification” Webinar: JCA’s webinar on ISO certification will provide transport companies with insights into achieving international standards for quality management, safety, and environmental responsibility and overall good governance. Driven by the increasing trend of ISO certifications being a pre-requisite on RFQs, the webinar will explain the requirements and how to start the process.  This series of webinars launches on 12 October 2023.

The JCA team is enthusiastic about the potential of these initiatives to drive positive change in the South African transport sector. By fostering safety, compliance, and efficiency, JCA is reaffirming its commitment to the industry that has been a cornerstone of its success.

“As we celebrate this significant milestone, we are reminded of the invaluable relationships we have built with our clients and partners. These initiatives are our way of expressing gratitude and giving back to an industry that has been instrumental in our growth. We look forward to the next 15 years of continued collaboration and shared success,” addss Naidoo.

For more information about JC Auditors and its 15-year anniversary initiatives, please visit www.jcauditors.com or e-mail info@jcauditors.com

The early days –  JCA Managing Director, Oliver Naidoo with Dr Paul Nordengen (RTMS Chair) & Adrian van Tonder, seen here with the longest road train in South Africa