In2IT and Community Leaders Unite to Support Dikgale Village Schools on Mandela Day.


With poverty affecting close to a third of the South African population, the struggles faced by school-going children are a harsh reality. Each day, some children in Dikgale Village, a rural community just outside Polokwane, wake up without a hot meal or the basic toiletries needed to start their day. Many of these children come from homes led by relatives, typically grandparents living on social grants, where limited funds are primarily allocated to food, leaving little left for anything else.

Recognising the dire circumstances faced by these students, Mr Selaelo Selowa, a local principal and SADTU (South African Democratic Teachers Union) Branch Chairperson for the Moses Makwela Branch, under the Capricorn District Municipality reached out to Tshepo Mokoena, Chairman of In2IT, seeking assistance for the schools in his region. In2IT swiftly responded to the call, eager to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the children in Dikgale Village.

In2IT is proud to support those who need it most, and Mandela Day provides a powerful opportunity to shed light on the challenges faced by underprivileged communities, including the children in Dikgale Village,” expressed Mokoena, emphasising his dedication to education and restoring dignity to learners.

In2IT will be visiting Dikgale Village, a deeply rural area, to donate toiletries and provide laptops to the dedicated teachers of the benefiting schools, namely Moloisi Secondary School, Kgalaka Primary School, and Sebayeng Primary School. These educational institutions play a vital role in shaping the lives of the children in Dikgale Village, and In2IT’s support aims to enhance the learning environment and provide necessary resources for their education.

Understanding the significance of personal hygiene and its impact on self-esteem, In2IT will also be donating essential personal care items to 100 pupils from these schools. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, face cloths, bath soaps, roll-ons, deodorant sprays, and body lotions will be provided, empowering the students, and helping them feel more confident in their daily interactions, something that the teachers in the area have noted.

Mr. Selowa emphasised the challenging backgrounds from which these learners come, stating, “A high number of the students in this region come from homes where a Sassa grant is the only income within that household. Usually, their parents have passed on or are looking for employment opportunities in the city. In most cases, an elderly grandparent is the one taking care of them. So, toiletries for example are not the most important thing.”

This contribution aims to provide some relief, bridge the digital divide, and equip students with the skills needed for the future. To further engage and uplift the spirits of the children, In2IT has planned a lunch and a range of educational and entertaining activities, creating an atmosphere of joy, and learning on this special day.

In2IT’s commitment to supporting learners extends beyond Mandela Day, as they provide learnership opportunities for rural graduates. By helping them gain certifications from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and software manufacturers, In2IT ensures that each graduate becomes employable and finds placement within the industry. This further highlights the importance of supporting children in rural communities and providing them with the necessary resources to thrive.

Through their collaboration with community leaders, In2IT aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of the children in Dikgale Village. By addressing immediate needs, enhancing education, and providing ongoing support, they strive to create a brighter future where every child has the opportunity to succeed and no one is left behind.