Ghana-based WASP Digital partners with Infobip to provide customer engagement solutions to its West African client base


Infobip, a global cloud communication company for businesses and a leader in omnichannel customer engagement, has partnered with WASP Digital, a leading pan-African business-to-business managed IT services provider that specialises in digital solutions. 

Chijioke Ugwuh, Senior Manager of Partner Development at Infobip West Africa, says WASP Digital had been identified as a target partner for Infobip’s go-to-market strategy in the West African region. 

In terms of the partnership, WASP Digital will include Infobip’s cloud-based omnichannel customer engagement solutions in its portfolio of products and services, in response to customer demand for these offerings. 

“The partnership facilitates the integration of Infobip’s omnichannel communication capabilities into WASP Digital’s product suite, allowing their customers to drive their digital transformation initiatives from a customer experience and engagement perspective,” says Ugwuh. 

Moving to cloud services 

Based in Ghana, WASP Digital has been operating in West Africa for the past decade and has moved predominantly into the cloud services and digital infrastructure space over the past two years. 

WASP Digital MD Grant Webber explains that while the company had traditionally focused in the enterprise sector, it is now – with access to the right digital platforms – increasingly moving into the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) space. 

“We have been looking for global partners that are relevant and modern in the post-COVID-19 tumultuous environment that can provide customer experience solutions. Infobip has the right look and feel for what we were after. Given the cloud-based nature of its solutions, they are easy to deploy in more complex terrains like West Africa,” says Webber. 

He adds that the company has seen demand from its customers for solutions like Infobip’s chatbot building platform Answer, customer engagement solution Moments and cloud contact centre solution Conversations. The inclusion of Infobip’s solution in its portfolio completes WASP Digital’s product suite. 

One partner per channel 

Webber notes that WASP Digital does not have a multi-vendor strategy and only works with a single partner in every channel, ensuring that every partner in each space gets the company’s full attention. 

“Whether it is workflow automation, cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, or cloud services for hosting, we only have one partner in that space. So, we have a portfolio of non-competing solutions, and they all complement each other and work as a portfolio in an ecosystem where all partners essentially support each other,” he adds. 

“Working with the Infobip West African team has been a delight. Partnering with Infobip enables us to meet our customers’ demands for cloud-based services and solutions as they look to expand their market reach. Partnering with Infobip means that we can leverage our business and enterprise solutions to further assist organisations to embrace the benefits of digital transformation.” 

Ugwuh described the partnership as a good fit for both parties, adding that WASP Digital’s customers can now benefit from Infobip’s omnichannel solutions that will enhance their customer experience. 

Chijioke Ugwuh, Senior Manager of Partner Development at Infobip West Africa

WASP Digital MD Grant Webber