Unlocking the Potential of Mobile ERP for Business Growth.


The realm of mobile strategies is rapidly expanding in the small-to-medium business ERP space. While laptops and tablets brought the capability to work remotely, mobile devices now offer the opportunity to leverage ERP applications and harness the power of business insights on the go. However, understanding the purpose and benefits of mobile ERP apps is crucial, just like with any enterprise software system.

Embracing the Cloud Advantage

In manufacturing, the temptation to stick with tried and tested on-premise ERP systems can be strong. However, transitioning to a cloud-based ERP system brings forth numerous important advantages. Especially for small to medium-sized businesses, allocating scarce resources for maximum efficiency is vital to ensure digital enablement and growth.

A cloud-based ERP platform offers cost-effectiveness, scalability, security, the ability to adopt new technologies, and exploration of new opportunities. With a cloud-based ERP system, manufacturers eliminate the need for specialized in-house maintenance as the service provider manages all hosting and maintenance activities.

Agility and Resilience

Cloud-deployed ERP systems provide flexibility and scalability to address rapidly evolving business needs. The cloud empowers manufacturing companies to integrate processes, streamline communication, and gain a holistic view of their business. This enhanced visibility enhances operations and unlocks valuable insights to optimize production, respond to operational constraints or disruptions, and make informed decisions for the future.

Cloud ERP enables the integration of disparate systems, breaks down data silos, and accelerates the development and deployment of new services, which is crucial for meeting ever-changing business requirements. Additionally, cloud solutions can scale alongside the manufacturer and be customized over time without downtime or the need for new hardware. Furthermore, adopting best practices in security and governance ensures the protection of valuable data and analytics.

Leveraging the Power of Data and Connectivity

Manufacturers recognize the ease with which cloud applications enable them to harness data from IoT devices in their factories, inventories, and supply chains. By leveraging relevant data, companies can define metrics and performance indicators that optimize productivity and enable faster decision-making.

Modern ERP systems with mobile tools enable seamless access to full system functionality via mobile devices. This provides multiple benefits for a workforce operating at customer premises, on factory floors, or across various supply chain touchpoints. Mobile ERP is an efficient tool for technicians and sales teams, granting access to critical customer and product information regardless of location.

Enhanced Visibility and Connectedness

Mobile applications and real-time communication significantly impact how companies manage and control their daily business operations. Real-time visibility across all internal and external data points that affect operations is vital for fostering a responsive management culture within manufacturing organizations, enabling them to anticipate, react to, and manage supply chain disruptions effectively. Embracing distributed working practices brings significant advantages.

Cloud-based mobile ERP systems empower employees to enter data instantly while on-site with customers, partners, or in a factory, ensuring real-time updates. Data entered through mobile devices are visible and reported throughout the organization, facilitating quick and efficient responses to evolving needs. Mobile ERP eliminates the risk of transcription errors and duplicate workloads since employees can enter data once. Additionally, it enables employees to work effectively from anywhere, empowering remote and distributed teams.

Boosting Productivity with Mobile ERP

For businesses with geographically dispersed locations, cloud-based mobile operations offer real-time access to manufacturing processes, program performance, and product line insights from anywhere and at any time. Simultaneously, cross-collaboration is facilitated both internally and externally. With a cloud-based ERP system, employees carry their desks in their back pockets, introducing flexibility and boosting productivity, especially in the age of hybrid workplaces. Enabling remote access to ERP software via mobile devices allows companies to be agile and responsive in various situations.

Equipped with the correct data, employees visiting customers gain invaluable insights to deliver personalized service, resolve queries promptly, and foster long-term solid relationships. This, in turn, ensures business continuity and provides a competitive edge.

In conclusion, embracing mobile ERP capabilities and leveraging the cloud can unlock immense potential for business growth, agility, and enhanced productivity. By empowering employees with mobile tools and real-time access to critical information, manufacturers can optimize operations, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Marius Wessels, Manager: Professional Services at SYSPRO Africa