Symbiosys rounds off product suite with the addition of DMP SA’s data management solution


Symbiosys IT has partnered with Data Management Professionals South Africa (DMP SA), enabling end-to-end data management solutions and services to now be a part of Symbiosy’s comprehensive solution suite.

Client background

Symbiosys IT is a technology solutions company with registered offices in South Africa and the UK that operates across different parts of the world and has customers in 36 countries. The bulk of its customers and staff are located in South Africa, with its customers predominantly being corporate enterprise companies. Symbiosys operates multiple lines of business – consulting and software solutions; operations, maintenance, and support; and software distribution. The company specialises in solving complex Information Technology (IT) issues, including integration, automation, security and compliance, cybersecurity, cloud networking, database management, identity management, end-point management, cloud management, and messaging solutions.

The challenge

Despite offering a host of services that extend across its comprehensive product lines, including design, deployment, migration, support, and managed services, Symbiosys was previously not positioned to offer data management solutions, such as data protection, backup, and disaster recovery. Data management was not an area that the company was able to delve into too deeply, considering that it is a specialist service that requires a considerable number of skilled people to manage. However, Symbiosys had clients with specific compliance and security requirements that it needed to meet, and one client in particular was rolling out a specific solution and required data management services. At the same time, the company was on a large cloud drive, doing a significant amount of work in this space, and needed to provide its customers with a solution that could back up some of their critical cloud-based data.

The solution

The ideal solution was for Symbiosys to find a trusted partner that offers expertise in the data management space. Through mutual networking, Symbiosys connected with DMP SA, which offers end-to-end data management solutions and services. DMP SA combines years of data management experience with industry-leading technologies and best of breed products, to help its customers reduce the complexities and costs of managing data. It took only three days from the start of their engagement, cementing the partnership between Symbiosys and DMP SA, as well as the deployment of DMP SA’s fully managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering. The solution provides a wealth of end-to-end data protection features from endpoint devices to the datacentre, and offers customers encryption, built-in ransomware protection for automated cloud backup and recovery solutions, together with full protection for physical, virtual, and cloud resources.

The result

The partnership with DMP SA has met Symbiosys’ need to partner with a business that it trusts and can depend on. By teaming up with a leading data management specialist, Symbiosys now has access to DMP SA’s resources, skills, and technology, which allows it to build out its own value proposition around data management and have a reliable partner that helps it deliver the service. As such, Symbiosys is now able to meet its customers’ demands for data management and protection services and solutions, without the challenge of having to develop this capability in-house.


“The entire project was concluded in a matter of three days, which is quite spectacular from an agility perspective. The partnership has been great, and we are hoping to grow it into different customers and areas – even across the globe.”

“The experience has been very positive for us as a company. We have a direct understanding and an open and honest relationship. Dealing with Symbiosys has been a pleasure and we are very pleased with the calibre of enterprise clients that they bring to the partnership.”