Revolutionising insurance: HealthCloud surpasses 3m Health Score milestone.


Alula Technologies Group, a leading provider of essential solutions for life and health insurance companies, has proudly announced that its HealthCloud platform has reached a significant milestone of generating three million Health Scores. These scores are derived through proprietary algorithms considering an integrated analysis of insurer data, Electronic Health Records, medication usage, pathology results, remote diagnostic devices, wearables, and facial scanning (rPPG), offering insurers a comprehensive view of a policyholder’s health profile. This enables the development of customised solutions and dynamic pricing tailored to the unique needs of each life and health insurance customer.

Simon Spurr, Managing Director of Alula Health Technologies, states, “the Health Score has been in development for four years and successfully implemented two years ago. In the first year, we achieved 200,000 scores, which surged exponentially to over two and a half million in the second year. Currently, we are generating close to 200,000 scores monthly, marking a 12-fold improvement from the first year. This not only demonstrates the scalability of our cloud-based environment but also emphasises the power of an automated, rule-based system supported by AI-driven algorithms to gain deeper insights into the consumer.”

The Health Score has proven to be a game-changer for life and health insurers, as it addresses the challenge of fragmented health consumer data scattered across different service providers. Until now, insurers lacked an integrated view of a policyholder’s risk profile. The Health Score overcomes this obstacle by consolidating data through consumer consent and utilising robust security methodologies to ensure compliance.

Using the Health Score, insurers can process consumer data effectively to create pricing, benefits, and products tailored to individual customers. A person’s Health Score is dynamic, constantly adapting to reflect their current health and lifestyle. For instance, a health-conscious senior may have a higher Health Score than an inactive young adult with unhealthy habits.

Spurr explains, “the Health Score is about processing data in a meaningful way. By expanding data ingestion to include rPPG face scanning and wearable devices, information such as daily steps, sleeping, blood pressure levels and heart rate are incorporated into the Health Score. This is further enhanced at a clinical level by integrating diagnoses, medication, and surgeries. In essence, the Health Score is a multi-layered intelligence mechanism that leverages the HealthCloud platform to synthesise data for the benefit of life and health insurers.”

The HealthCloud platform offers insurers an API-driven toolset that seamlessly integrates with their existing systems. Insurers can utilise HealthCloud’s intelligent data streams in various ways that align with their business objectives, whether through a mobile app, on their website, or in a call centre. The potential use cases are virtually limitless.