Redstor delivers comprehensive data protection for SA schools


Redstor, a category-leading data management and SaaS protection company, will be exhibiting at the upcoming Schoolscape IT 2022 conference to take place in Cape Town and Johannesburg on 19 and 25 August, respectively. Focused on stakeholders in the local education sector, the event will illustrate how technology can integrate for the classroom of the future.

Redstor has the technology solutions in place to help local schools overcome the data protection challenges typically associated with today’s digital world. Being able to showcase these innovations at Schoolscape helps position us as the partners of choice when it comes to data management in all its facets when it comes to the education sector,” says Portia Mabaso, Technical Account Manager at Redstor.

The company is taking the learnings from assisting schools internationally for over a decade and applying its local insights to offer a comprehensive education value proposition when it comes to backup, recovery, and operational continuity. As such, the Redstor educational offering can be deployed quickly as an onsite solution, a fully cloud-based offering, or a combination of the two depending on the specific needs of the school.

For instance, the work it has done with Cheam School in the UK to transition its ageing IT infrastructure to the cloud is more relevant than ever for local educational institutions. In the wake of pandemic when the challenges around e-learning were highlighted, many South African schools are still struggling to manage the move to a cloud environment.

“One of the benefits of going the cloud route is being less reliant on on-site hardware. This means local schools no longer have to worry about servers being stolen and computers getting outdated as the cloud keeps data safe while offering users the latest environment on which to work. Even though some schools are already using the likes of Microsoft 365, they still need to be protected from accidentally deleting files or being exposed to malicious attacks. Redstor overcomes this with its extensive range of data protection solutions,” adds Mabaso.

Data protection is especially critical when it comes to the high frequency of malware attacks many local schools have to deal with. For example, ransomware can see cybercriminals holding critical files hostage with some even deleting them. It is just such a situation which befell Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools in the UK when attackers encrypted the onsite backups of the school. Redstor provided a comprehensive offsite data protection and recovery solution. Furthermore, the company’s InstantData unique, user-driven streaming technology ensured that the school would now never have to wait for a full recovery to complete before getting up and running.

“South African schools are tasked with a massive challenge to keep their systems available especially as we enter a crucial time for Grade 12 learners who are approaching their final exams. Having access to extensive data protection solutions is something no educational institute can be without,” concludes Mabaso.

Meet Redstor at the upcoming Schoolscape IT 2022 conference. You can sign up here and download your free ticket to attend either the Cape Town or Johannesburg events.

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