How can fleet managers reduce fuel consumption during this time of year?

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With petrol and diesel prices going down during this most difficult time of year, January, fleet managers need to take advantage of this opportunity and make use of fleet telematics systems with fuel management capabilities so they can take control of their drivers’ fuel usage and significantly reduce costs during this short period. Many drivers are unaware of how much fuel a fleet consumes and how their driving affects this.

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles may be challenging, but a fleet management system can make it easier for fleet companies as it fully monitors vehicles and gathers data on each vehicle as it runs. Thobeka Ntshangase, CEO and founder of MyFleet Track SA, says “With the petrol price drop it is the best time to maximise your profit. Ensure you have the best fleet management system in your fleet. My Fleet Track SA can offer you a range of personalised fleet management systems that are insurance approved”

She shares her tips that fleet companies can use to reduce their petrol consumption and save millions of rands in 2023:

  • Plan routes ahead

A proper plan prevents poor performance. From assessing driver routes to analyzing the best places to refuel your vehicles, planning can potentially lead to big savings. MyFleet Track SA can play an important role in effectively managing journeys and choosing the best routes. The ability to track and monitor vehicles aids in avoiding congestion and unnecessary trip overlap.

  • Consider how you purchase your fuel

Reviewing how you purchase fuel is important to determine the best and most cost-effective options. Fleet telematics systems can play an important role in alerting drivers to any anomalies in fuel costs, allowing for a quick and efficient investigation to determine the cause. Keeping track of fuel spending is also essential.

  • Invest in fuel management systems

Fuel management systems monitor and control fuel consumption within your fleet. They measure and track fuel inventories and how fuel is dispensed. They then use web portals to deliver this useful data to the fleet manager. They help fleet companies improve fuel efficiency and lower fuel costs by identifying good driving habits, vehicle maintenance, detailed fuel usage data, and route optimization.

  • Reduce idling

Vehicle idling can rapidly increase your fuel consumption and take a chunk out of your profitability. Sitting in heavy traffic is sometimes unavoidable, but modern fleet management solutions help detect excessive idling, monitor gasoline consumption, and improve driver training.

  • Maintenance management

MyFleet Track SA controls the fuel spent to ensure that your vehicles are fully serviced on time and well maintained. Not only do fuel savings help you save money and benefit your business environment, but they can also reduce the costs related to vehicle repair and reduce the number of times you need to replace existing vehicles.

Thobeka Ntshangase, CEO and founder of MyFleet Track SA