From Analysing Customer Data to Sales Success.


Today’s fast-paced business environment requires a centralised system capable of easily managing customer information and providing sales teams with the insights that are essential to make the best decisions as quickly as possible. With customers engaging differently with their service providers, organisations need to start approaching data analysis in increasingly innovative ways.

People are no longer solely reliant on making direct contact with sellers. Events of the past few years have resulted in the growth of digital channels especially when it comes to having questions answered about products and making purchasing decisions.

This means that it is less about the hard selling approach of the past and more about how salespeople can position themselves as trusted advisors to their customers. But to do this effectively requires companies to take a step back and get a complete 360-degree view of the customer. Only then will they be able to identify the best way to partner with them on their journey with the organisation.

Personalisation matters to sell effectively

Another key component is the knowledge essential to personalise product offerings to meet customers’ specific requirements. People today want to have relevant conversations about solutions that enhance their lives. This does not mean that companies have more time to build engagement. If anything, time to value is coming down as people want their needs met, quickly and efficiently.

This is where improved customer data management becomes a critical step in the process. Using a sales solution that equips teams to access customer information from anywhere, while also making it easier to manage and analyse that data. A solution that incorporates tools like lead and opportunity management, ensures the sales force can keep track of every stage of the sales process in one convenient place.

Increase sales productivity, reduce administration

Perhaps most importantly, the right sales solution can help increase productivity by giving users the ability to automate tasks such as prospecting and appointment scheduling. This way, team members can free up their time so that they can focus on what is really important – generating new leads and closing deals.

Furthermore, harnessing a solution that features AI capabilities helps identify additional digital selling opportunities that might have been lost in the myriad of data available to the organisation. Combining these future forward technologies with existing sales features empower organisations to live the new world mantra of selling more, selling faster, and selling together.

A sales tool for all occasions

It is clear that a solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales has become essential for businesses of all sizes. It enables them to stay competitive in today’s market since digital selling is here to stay. Tools that inject AI capabilities into the sales process empower salespeople to remember the actions they have committed to, can summarise meetings, and even analyse the sentiment of a call. Centralising customer information remains fundamental to success. The right toolset can unlock the value that has been put in place already. For more information visit our solutions page: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

David Steyn, Business Manager: Customer Engagement at Decision Inc. South Africa

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