How to maximise your power tool’s battery life

For the average South African, battery-powered equipment is like alcohol-free beer; weak and expensive. But according to Johan Kruger, National Sales Manager for Husqvarna South Africa, nothing could be further from the truth. “Battery power is transforming the way people work and tools that employs this technology such as chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers and power blowers are fast becoming the equipment of choice not only for homeowners but groundsmen, forestry workers, farmers and landscapers.”

“It’s the same with any new technology,” says Johan, “first we baulk at it, then we’re weary of it, finally – we wonder how we ever lived without it! The reality is that the convenience and cost efficiencies of battery-powered equipment have transcended the gardeners’ electrical products into the everyday working life of professionals using outdoor power tools, and early adopters are already reaping the benefits and singing its praises.”

Johan explains that without the correct battery care however, the cost efficiencies users have come to enjoy will be lost, making it essential that special care is employed in order to ensure a battery’s longevity.

He offers the following tips to maximise your power tools’ battery life:

  • Avoid keeping your batteries charging for long periods. Remove the batteries from the charger soon after reaching 100% as they will hold their charge.
  • Use a battery bag or battery box to keep your batteries safe when storing or transporting them.
  • Avoid leaving batteries in tools when storing them away during the winter months or when you’re not planning to use them for several weeks.
  • For maximum service life, you should store your batteries at 50% charged. If the level is lower, charge it to 50% before storage (the battery status for Husqvarna batteries can be checked by pressing the button on the rear of the battery).
  • Batteries should be stored at temperatures of 5-25°C. and with most of South Africa experiencing a heat wave at the moment, it is more important than ever to ensure that your batteries are stored in a cool area.

“It’s a new era for tools, and lithium battery technology has evolved significantly in recent years, making it an excellent option for both novice and veteran users.  It delivers incredible power and performance with zero direct emissions and quiet operation and taking special care of your lithium battery will not only guarantee peak performance but will also prolong the life of both battery and power tool,” Johan concludes.