Africa’s transformational ESG conference aims to ensure a more sustainable, equitable future for Africa.


The 2023 Sustainability Summit Africa hosted by Deloitte Africa will be held under the theme “People, Planet, Purpose”. Now in its third successful year, this event is organised by Smart Procurement. The 2023 summit, which takes place from the 6 to 8 June 2023, will see leading global and local thought leaders discuss some of the most pressing issues facing our world today at what is being billed as Africa’s transformational environment, social and governance (ESG) conference.

The world is undergoing a profound shift with the growing recognition of the impact that virtually all products and services have on the planet and on the quality of lives in our communities. This shift will effect a change in global supply chains, as business balances the economic imperative with increasing pressure to transform. It will change the way that we make and use energy, change our dependence on technology, change the relationships between companies and their communities, and ultimately change the leadership paradigm for those at the helm of industry. To explore these changes, and what sustainability means for Africa, the organisers of this year’s Deloitte Sustainability Summit Africa have lined up specialists, disruptors and changemakers from a diverse range of disciplines, including Deloitte senior experts and global subject matter experts. They will share their insights, experience and expertise in compelling key notes and panels aimed at delegates from the C-suite and executive leadership.

Strategy, innovation, governance, procurement and supply chain will be in the spotlight. The important topics on the agenda include energy transition, innovation in greentech, impact innovation, African competitiveness, leadership, responsible supply chains, resilience and ESG broadly.

Moving beyond compliance to make an impact that matters is now a business imperative as Africa charts its critical role in the global ESG transition. Deloitte wish to use this event to pull together business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, financiers and infrastructure giants to support a just transition to a more sustainable and equitable future.

The conference will offer delegates practical approaches to embed sustainability into everyday practices and across the wider supply chain, and to enable them to ultimately reach their ESG goals in the context of energy constraints and economic challenges.

Commenting on Deloitte Africa’s sponsorship of the 2023 Sustainability Summit Africa, Ashleigh Theophanides, chief sustainability officer, says: “Deloitte is proud to support and guide businesses towards a more sustainable future. Today’s ever-changing environment urges us to rethink and continuously think and act purposefully within our society and economy.”

The 2023 Deloitte Sustainability Summit Africa takes place in Waterfall, Johannesburg, from 6 to 8 June 2023. The event partners are Sustainable Procurement Pledge, Dooka and Bidvest International Logistics. To find out more or to register for the event, visit

Ashleigh Theophanides, chief sustainability officer at Deloitte Africa