In this age of “Digital Darwinism”, organisations that do not embrace digital transformation and that fail to successfully adapt to a business environment that is more rapid-paced, volatile and unpredictable than ever before, will die out.

Sourcing Summit have announced that this year’s event, which takes place on 8 June 2022, will be held under the theme “Digital Darwinism – Embracing the Technological Revolution”. Now in its third year, this free-to-attend, online summit is hosted by Smart Procurement World. It is a must-attend event for every Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Information Officer and all IT and procurement professionals aiming to keep pace with the technology revolution, says Debbie Tagg, Smart Procurement Chief Operations Officer.

“In a volatile society like ours, where the digital revolution is changing the way we consume, communicate and get information, procurement must adapt to keep up,” she states. “The powerful presentations and topics on the programme for the summit will enable delegates to develop an effective Technology Business Management (TBM) framework and to use disruptive technologies to transform procurement in a time when organisations are interacting less with consumers.

“Attendees will learn how to master the art of achieving true automation for the procurement function. They will get a 360-degree buyer’s guide to modern eProcurement software.”Recognising the digital transformation imperative, organisers of the annual IT

A compelling addition to this year’s event is a series of vendor-led demonstration sessions. “These will offer procurement buyer delegates an important opportunity to learn about and evaluate the latest innovations and market-leading solutions, and to engage with a range of vendors at a ‘one-stop shop’,” Tagg explains. The solutions and services that will be showcased include artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud and data centres, blockchain and fintech, enterprise mobility, procurement and supply chain software.

The term Digital Darwinism was made popular by writer and marketing expert Tom Goodwin. It essentially means that companies must adopt the digital technology necessary to cope with the changing behaviour of customers; or they will not survive. However, according to experts like David Losebysimply investing in the technology is not enough. “In my experience digital transformation, like a good cake, needs multiple ingredients,” he says. “These include governance, strategy, a digital roadmap, organisational construct, proactive sponsorship, communication and benefits tracking, people and talent.”

UK-based Loseby, who is an ESG, procurement, supply chain, change management and behavioural science specialist, is one of the outstanding presenters who will share his insights at the 2022 IT Sourcing Summit. Loseby’s background and over 30 years’ experience spans a variety of global roles in both the private and public sectors, including pharmaceuticals, banking, FMCG, manufacturing, consulting, retail, aerospace and defence, venture capital, healthcare (NHS) and local Government. Formerly Group CPO for Rolls Royce, he was the principal architect behind the behavioural science led approach to the business’s adoption of a new digital platform.

“Digital Darwinism – How to Thrive in the Face of Disruption” is the title of his IT Sourcing Summit presentation. Delegates will learn whether their organisations are in danger of becoming victims of Digital Darwinism and how their IT sourcing strategy should be positioned to thrive in the technological revolution.

“We are delighted to have presenters of David Loseby’s calibre on the programme this year and to be able to offer the invaluable demo sessions,” concludes Tagg.

IT and procurement professionals and vendors who want to find out more about the 3rd annual IT Sourcing Summit, wish to register for the event, or showcase their products and services should contact Keshni Reddy on keshni@smartprocurement.net or visit https://smartprocurementworld.com/itsummit/

ESG, procurement, supply chain, change management and behavioral science specialist, David Loseby.

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