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Imagine walking through a factory and seeing its true potential – what could be improved, enhanced, or removed so it operates at its best?..



Trackmatic is a software solution provider. It builds technology for companies that want to run warehouse and fleet resources such as transport and warehousing companies. Its solution is there to drive efficiencies…

The Synthesis Hackathon Returns with 24 hours of innovation.

On the 18th of August over 100 of Synthesis Software Technologies’ employees will rally for 24 non-stop hours to work against the clock and develop their ideas. These solutions will be built with leading technologies including everything from artificial intelligence to Web3.

Synthesis continues its growth streak with strong annual results


South African JSE-listed FinTech group, Capital Appreciation Limited (Capprec), announced its annual results for the year ended 31 March 2022. It has experienced a strong acceleration in business activity in the past year and a substantial demand for its innovative technology products and solutions. The Group increased gross revenues for the period by 34% to […]

What 24 hours of curiosity can achieve


There is a great wonder to this world, and I believe we find this through being curious, by being bold and by daring to be risk takers. At times, we escape into these rabbit holes – be it code, event organisation, sales, operations or even colour scheming. The threads that we are able to intertwine […]

Workplace Culture.


Edgar Schein died last month.. With his passing, the world lost a giant of organizational culture. It is my hope that this month we can pay tribute to his wisdom by sharing some of our thoughts on this difficult, but extremely important topic.  Why should we care about company culture?   I have always found […]

The only thing that we don’t have, is a government who cares

South Africa in December 2022 feels worse off than December 2017. Although it is fair to acknowledge that significant inroads have been made regarding state capture, it is as important to note that the corruption was the consequence of the organisation itself. To some extent being thankful for the progress that the ANC has made […]

I believe that South Africa will begin to turn the corner in 2023

Later today I will go to the local bookshop where I will buy an unreasonably priced moleskin notebook and a gel-based pen. My wife will roll her eyes, thinking of the half-used ones I have back home, but she will not attempt to talk me out of doing it. Because this is a yearly ritual […]

It is time for the President to open the cupboard for all to see

Do not think of the music from Jaws. Think rather of something light and playful and uplifting. Because that’s how the now viral video begins. The setting is Clifton 2nd beach. It’s summer, the sky is cobalt blue, the water is azure and the scene is summer serene. The camera pans to a baby seal […]

The Russian love affair clearly demonstrates the disconnect between the country and the ANC.

If Russia was my friend, I would stage an intervention. I would invite them for coffee, sit them down and ease into it slowly. We would probably chat about loadshedding, where I am on my solar journey, and we would shake our heads at the madness of it all. We would laugh about a shared […]